2019-20 Fanshawe Softball Roster

Year Program Hometown
Number: 1 Paige Askew full bio Paige Askew Position: 1B/OF Year: 1 Program: Electrical Engineering Hometown: London, ON
Number: 2 Danni Smith full bio Danni Smith Position: 2B/OF Year: 2 Program: Medical Radiation Technology Hometown: Hagersville, ON
Number: 3 Samantha Fuller full bio Samantha Fuller Position: OF/C Year: 4 Program: Early Childhood Education Hometown: Ingersoll, ON
Number: 4 Kim McCaul full bio Kim McCaul Position: 2B/OF Year: 3 Program: General Arts and Science Hometown: Whitby, ON
Number: 5 Katie Berg full bio Katie Berg Position: OF Year: 1 Program: Child and Youth Care Hometown: Stratford, ON
Number: 6 Kennedi Roth full bio Kennedi Roth Position: OF/SS Year: 2 Program: Environmental Technology Hometown: Stratford, ON
Number: 7 Emily Davis full bio Emily Davis Position: C/1B Year: 4 Program: Respiratory Therapy Hometown: London, ON
Number: 8 Nichole Erb full bio Nichole Erb Position: P Year: 2 Program: Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Hometown: Monkton, ON
Number: 9 Victoria Bowman full bio Victoria Bowman Position: OF Year: 1 Program: Recreation and Leisure Services Hometown: Listowel, ON
Number: 10 Ali Bergman full bio Ali Bergman Position: SS/3B Year: 3 Program: Business - Insurance Hometown: Embro, ON
Number: 11 Kelsey McLennan full bio Kelsey McLennan Position: OF Year: 2 Program: Child and Youth Care Hometown: Brandon, MB
Number: 12 Morgan Lowry full bio Morgan Lowry Position: 3B/P Year: 1 Program: Bachelor of Interior Design Hometown: Middlesex-Centre, ON
Number: 13 Laura Chappel full bio Laura Chappel Position: P/1B Year: 3 Program: Child and Youth Care Hometown: Staffa, ON
Number: 18 Andrea Webster full bio Andrea Webster Position: 1B/P Year: 3 Program: Massage Therapy Hometown: Wilsonville, ON
Number: 22 Kalyn Hopkins full bio Kalyn Hopkins Position: 3B Year: 1 Program: General Arts and Science Hometown: Bothwell, ON
Number: 25 Katie Wagler full bio Katie Wagler Position: 1B/P Year: 1 Program: Photography Hometown: New Hamburg, ON